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Front Door Replacement

Ready to provide matching solutions to homeowners who seek a front door replacement in Pickering, Ontario, our company makes such demanding projects totally stress-free. We can tell you one thing: you are not alone in this. If you want a new front door, you don’t have to choose randomly. Our team, here at Pickering Windows & Doors, is ready to assist.

More than assisting with such vital decisions, we offer great quality front doors and amazing choices for all tastes and all requirements. One more important thing is the following: everything about the front door replacement service is accurately and meticulously done. That’s the whole value of assigning the replacement of front doors to experienced and fully dedicated pros. Should we tell you more?

Ready for a front door replacement in Pickering?

Front Door Replacement Pickering

The process of replacing a front door is simple. You just contact us with your Pickering front door replacement request and book an appointment. A pro comes out as scheduled to measure the existing door and the opening, check the structure and space, speak with you, and provide both the necessary consultation and estimate. This way, you will know the options among the most suitable front doors for your home. You will also know details about the process and the rate of the service. If you are ready to talk about a home front door replacement job, reach our team without hesitation.

Front doors for any home and all requirements

When you inquire about the front door replacement, Pickering pros not only come out to measure and inform you about the costs and options but also check the existing components. If this is not a prehung door, you may only have to replace the slab, not the frame. That’s a typical example. Then, you may want some changes. Like having a classic wooden double front door replaced with a new double door with sidelights.

There are numerous choices when it comes to front doors – single and double front doors. With transom windows and sidelights or not. With glass elements or solid. Wooden, metal, composite, and other materials. Prehung front doors or not. The list of possible choices is long due to the plethora of front door designs, materials, styles, and features.

All types of front doors are installed to perfection

Beyond the overall style and size of the front door, we focus on the features that will increase resistance – hence, security. Our front door replacement company also suggests solutions for energy savings. The whole point is to get a new front door that will have all the elements to make life easier and better. Be sure that no matter the size, weight, and overall characteristics of the front door, it’s installed to perfection. That’s one more thing that ensures energy efficiency, great resistance, and longevity. So, if you are considering getting a front door replacement in Pickering, don’t take chances. Choose our team.

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