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Basement Window Installation

Whether your basement window is damaged and must be replaced or you are remodeling and like to discuss a basement window installation, Pickering pros are at your service.

At Pickering Windows & Doors, we are fully aware of the challenges that come along with such jobs. For such a reason, we take each step required with the utmost professionalism to ensure everything about the project is properly done. If you are interested in installing a basement window in Pickering, Ontario, our team is at your service.

Booking basement window installation in Pickering

Basement Window Installation Pickering

As is done with all projects, Pickering basement window installation jobs start with the basics. What do the basics usually include? Measurements, consultation, inspection, and costs. We ask you to contact our company in order to discuss your project. And, perhaps, make an appointment. This way, you can get a free quotation for the basement window installation service and consultation.

For all projects involving the installation of basement windows, choose us

The vital thing is that our team is available for all projects. Are you looking for a basement window replacement right now? Is this a new house and you are shopping around for basement windows? Are you remodeling or finishing the basement and need to find a new window? Are you transforming the basement into a living space and you need an egress window?

Whatever your project, choose our team. As long as it involves the installation of a basement window, we are the company to contact. We are the team to trust.

The basement window installers that make a difference

Many types of windows may fit in basements. The question is which one of them will be ideal for your basement? We discover that by sending a pro to check the basement, explore your personal needs, measure, and inspect. Once all these necessary steps are completed, you are offered consultation in regard to the window type, the glazing options, the frame, and all things relevant. This way, you can decide by having the needed pieces of information.

There’s a world of choices when it comes to windows. We focus on ensuring the hopper or sliding window is ideal for your basement so that you will be able to operate it easily to ventilate. Whichever window you get will be a perfect fit and of great quality.

More importantly, the basement window installer respects its specs and takes into consideration the building codes and the structural requirements. The window is perfectly installed.

As you can see, you are not alone in that. And you don’t have to guess in order to select a new window. And you don’t have to question the way it’s installed. By trusting us with the basement window installation, Pickering residents have peace of mind. Don’t you want that?

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