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About Us

It may not be long before you need doors and windows in Pickering, Ontario, and that’s one of the times our company will be useful to you. Pickering Windows & Doors is the local, dependable supplier. The team you can trust for your new door and window installation Pickering project. The pros that will complete a challenging job to perfection and will give the same importance to a tiny project.

You see, we don’t go all out for the client only when there’s a need for a huge external and internal house doors installation but even a single window replacement service. Our team is here for many projects, ready to offer solutions, experienced to satisfy your requests. Got a minute? We’ve got more to tell you!

Let’s start with what our Pickering door & window installation team can do

We provide windows and doors in Pickering. We also provide door and window installers. And so, our company becomes a valuable partner for a series of projects.

  • New door and window installation services are often needed when a house is brand new. Or when it is re-constructed, for some reason.
  • You may also involve the replacement of a door or a window installation service in a renovation project. Wouldn’t that be smart if some windows allow air leak? If some doors don’t close well? If the front door is hollow?
  • We are also at your service if you need a similar project at your office or any business, for that matter.
  • And then, you may suddenly face a problem with the back door, the front door, one of the windows. You can turn to us for door repair or replacement; also, for window replacement.

Is the quality of the door or the skills of the door installers?

You’ve heard of the chicken or the egg causality dilemma! You may be wondering the same when it comes to your window or the door installation. Is the quality of the door or the window that makes the difference? Or the way the window or the door is installed?

Both matter! No wonder we assign even an internal door installation Pickering job to a skilled, fully committed pro. The solid, perfect construction of windows and doors matters enormously for their longevity, resistance, performance. But all such benefits are cancelled if the door installers do a poor job, a bad job. If the specs of the door or the window are not respected. If factors, like the wall, the structure, the weather, are not considered.

Trust us whether you want a bathroom or front door installation. Call us whether you want a window replaced or ten windows installed. We don’t focus on quantity; we focus on quality. No surprise we partner with the very best pros, and offer excellent windows and doors Pickering customers simply love & trust. Care to learn more?

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